Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I enroll my family member in St. Elizabeth Adult Day Care Center?

Please call our business office at 314-772-5107 or visit the location nearest you. Each applicant is asked to complete our application packet. This can be mailed or faxed to you, or downloaded from this web site.

Included in the application is a Physician Review Form, required by the State of Missouri, and a Child and Adult Care Food Program Form, required as part of our federal food grant. (On this food form please only include the income of the perspective participant and any one financially dependent on the participant). Both forms should be completed before a participant can begin.

2. Is St. Elizabeth Adult Day Care required to be licensed?

Yes, each St. Elizabeth Adult Day Care Center is licensed by the State of Missouri.

3. Must my family member attend every day of the week?

We find that it is best if participants have a set schedule. Frequency of attendance is set by the needs of the participant and family.

4. Can my family member only attend on his/her scheduled days?

No, we try to be flexible to a family's needs. However, we can best meet needs when contacted in advance, especially if we are providing transportation.

5. Can I bring my family member for just a half-day or a couple of hours?

We only provide full-day service. Both the care-giver and the participant need more than a few hours break. Full day participation permits the care-giver the opportunity to tend to business and have some time for him/herself, and gives the participant time to enjoy the company of others.

6. Can you provide transportation to and from our home?

Yes, we have a van service that is coordinated to meet the needs of the family's schedule. Our drivers escort participants from and to their door and verify that another family member is at home.

7. When can I visit your center?

We welcome informal visits at any time.

8. Do you have a nurse on staff?

Yes, each center has a nurse to administer medications and provide health monitoring on an on-going basis. Medications to be administered at the center MUST be provided by the family in a pharmacy labeled container.

9. What other services are available?

Other services available include: 1) showers at some centers, upon request 2) escort to and from doctor or dental visits for appointments between 10:30 am and 2:30 pm Monday through Friday with a prior arrangement.

10. What is a day at St. Elizabeth Adult Day Care like?

Here is the schedule of a typical day: